Our most important conversations are leaving out our most profound ideas.

Help us create a better way to have these vital discussions and uncover our most remarkable thoughts.

Rethinking Discussion.

Considerful is a new (and evolving) platform to discuss ideas at scale. Our goal is to ensure that all authentic thoughts become part of the global conversation. It is a place where we care more about the ideas expressed than discrediting those who said them.

Unfortunately, difficult discussions are all too commonly ignored, dismissed, or censored today. And many people have lost their jobs, relationships, or reputations, all for being brave enough to share what they think, especially for those who share an unpopular belief.

We need a safer way for people to discuss polarizing topics openly. Then we can better understand our differences instead of getting stuck in the hatred of opposing perspectives.

And we can surface our most impactful ideas before they get lost to social pressures.

So, how do we do that?

The Considerful Approach
Like other platforms, someone writes an initial post that anyone can comment on.

But then...

Random Groups. Parallel Discussions.

Instead of throwing people into one large overwhelming and linear discussion, we will break all participants into smaller random groups.

Randomly placing participants in a group will encourage discussions with people from varying backgrounds and perspectives.

This also allows for parallel conversations to continuously evolve the main topic without being too influenced by any one perspective.

Random and Parallel Group Discussions

Anonymous Posts. Group Effort.

Though you can see who is participating in a group, we will post individual comments anonymously.

Think of this as a secret ballot, but everyone in the room is known. The idea is to encourage a "group effort" instead of a "group-think" mindset.

In addition, keeping individual comments anonymous helps to encourage more honest expression by reducing the fear of backlash from expressing an unpopular perspective.

Semi Anonymous Discussions

Crowd-sourcing Key Points.

The many smaller groups will carry on evolving the conversation and bringing up key points. Participants can easily highlight any piece of text that anyone wrote and categorize it as a key point.

All the highlights and best points from the numerous groups will surface for anyone to read and expand on.

Highlights are how we crowdsource and organize the best key points and ideas across thousands or even millions of parallel discussions.

Crowd Sourcing Key Points


We will encourage and aid in conflict resolution, staying open-minded, perspective-taking, and more.

Our business model will not depend on advertising, so we will never have corporate sponsors or marketing messages confusing the authentic discussions.

And since we won't depend on advertising to support us, we won't depend on addicting you or your children to increase revenue.

We value your attention and life away from the web, and this consciousness will play out in our UX choices, such as how we notify you and protect your attention.

Promote a Safer Environment

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